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56th Background

My name is West, With a few buddies I decided to strike out on my own and see if I can get a Canadian gaming community up and running. We started the server just about 2 years ago and have been seeing consistent 80/80 nights, beautiful green server health and consistent rankings in the top 10 squad servers. The name 56th comes from the original MOHAA clan I was a part of way back in 2002, the 56th Canadian Legion, unfortunately with the arrival of WoW the clan membership took a hit and the clan folded. But after about 12 years, here we are again and we are going strong.

Server Rules

1. Zero tolerance of racist comments / direct personal attacks towards players.
2. Hacking / Glitching / Ghosting will result in an immediate ban.
3. Intentional teamkilling / asset wasting may result in removal from the server. Heli-ramming and rotor clipping are considered asset wasting.
4. Squad leaders MUST have a microphone. 
5. Trolling / Griefing may result in removal from the server.
6. During peak hours, map votes may be initiated by administration at round start to select the next map.
7. Any action deemed harmful to server population / cohesion may result in removal from the server.
8. Zero tolerance for unauthorized recruiting for non 56th assets. 

9. Acknowledge TK's in all chat.

10. Any vehicle requiring crewman must be minimum manned by 2 people.

11. You may NOT lead infantry as a lead crewman/pilot. Infantry must be lead by an Infantry SL.

True North
Strong & Free

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